Security, Convenience, Comfort and Style by All4Way

Secure and Stylish Swiss Laptop Backpack All4Way for Travel or Business


The days of dangling hard-sided briefcases from your hands at the office or while on a business trip are long gone. Backpacks have replaced them for boosts to usability and comfort, but so many fall short of features and security for your all-important property and electronics. The All4Way travel laptop backpack water resistant anti-theft bag with usb offers business people, students, and travelers the opportunity to carry gear comfortably, safely, and with style.


A Professional Look Plus Flexible Use and Carrying Comfort


This smooth black exterior of the anti theft laptop backpack shell not only works well with everything from jeans to business suits, it offers waterproof laptop backpack to protect all your devices, paperwork, and whatever else you carry with you. Keep it looking its best with a quick wipe of the stain-resistant surface. Stay cooler when you carry due to the breathable mesh backing that allows for all-day comfort. The design of the back and shoulder straps include soft yet non-bulky padding.

The newest features of the All4Way business travel backpack improve the usability. A one-piece base includes rubberized foot pads so you can set the bag down confidently without worrying about it collapsing. No loose straps or floppy fabric will get in the way or make your bag look less than professional.


Carry Everything You Need Perfectly Organized and Secure


Have you ever had a backpack or laptop bag with a dark lining? You could spend several minutes peering into its depths trying to find what you need. The light fabric lining of the All4Way business laptop backpack makes retrieving everything from a flash drive to a pen simple.

Also, the numerous pockets and compartments inside and outside the bag make organization a breeze. Imagine no more fumbling around during a business meeting to get what you need. The newest model has additional front pockets and a separate power bank slot in the base so it never gets in the way of business documents and personal devices. Additional inside pockets next to the pull-out rain cover provide a secure spot for your wallet and more.


When it Comes to Security, the All4Way Backpack Shines


Not only do you get secure inner pockets no thief could access, but all external compartments exist behind safety zippers that are water-tight and offer double-security features with optional locks. Security is not only about denying access to your gear, however. Stop identity theft with two separate RFID sleeves inside.  Now you have the backpack with laptop pocket, so store your laptop in this special compartment and everything will be perfect.

No matter what pocket you use to store your devices, backpack with usb port will allow you to connect them to the built-in charging system. For security, convenience, comfort, and style, the All4Way cute laptop backpack offers everything you need and want.

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