Digital Scammers Cry Inconsolably, or How to Stop Digital Theft

Most often, laptops are simply stolen to sell. In this case, the data contained on the hard drive is unlikely to interest anyone. It's another matter if the information is the purpose of the theft. Experienced specialists will extract a lot of interesting information from seemingly harmless documents and letters, temporary files, and postal addresses.

Lifehack No. 1 BIOS password protection

Enable BIOS password. All modern computers are protected by a BIOS password. Although this protection can also be bypassed, it will prevent you from changing settings and booting without a password. By the way, you should configure the BIOS to boot only from the hard drive. BIOS protection is more likely to protect the personal data of an already stolen laptop, however, the device should be prevented from being stolen from a backpack.

Lifehack No. 2 Special lock and identification tag

Buy a special lock. Almost all modern laptops are equipped with a special slot for attaching a lock. Such locks are very inexpensive and easy to use. You can use a padlock to secure your laptop to a large or heavy object, such as an office desk. According to statistics, up to 40% of all laptop thefts occur on the way to the office, on public transport, or while traveling.

Lifehack No. 3 Erase important information

Avoid storing important information on your laptop. As careful as you are, the information on your laptop is at increased risk when you travel. At the very least, do not store important information in files whose name immediately identifies their value. You shouldn't give file names like MyPasswords.txt, CreditCardPin, etc.

Lifehack No. 4 Tracking tools

Consider using trackers. Some modern security software allows the laptop to "call home" in the event of theft. Some even allow you to locate a stolen laptop when connected to the Internet or automatically delete important data.

Lifehack No. 5 Transporting your laptop

It is advisable to carry the laptop using special bags, cases or briefcases that can protect the device from the encroachments of third parties. ALL4WAY bags are the backpacks with laptop compartment, which is located close to the back and is difficult for thieves to reach additionally protected by shoulder straps over it.

 Lifehack No. 6 Protecting valuable items

In addition to the device itself, thieves can steal other valuables from the backpack. ALL4WAY has prepared for all possible scenarios and offers a universal solution – waterproof  laptop backpack with hiddenpockets. The backpack also features a RFID-protected section inside the main compartment.

The solution to all problems from ALL4WAY

Laptop Backpacks by ALL4WAY solve the problem of  laptop theft better than all the above life hacks. The backpack has a special anti-theft compartment for your laptop, located close to your back, making it impossible to steal your device.

In addition, along with electronic devices, you can put your essentials in your bag: books, snacks, or even a denim jacket. All things will be completely safe.

As a result, by choosing ALL4WAY products you not only get the best laptop backpack for men and women, but also eliminate such a problem as laptop theft. Now you can sleep soundly and not worry that someone will be able to access your information stored on the device.

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  • No, neither all4way laptop 17 inch bag nor laptop 15 bag come with the additional lock. But you can definitely buy the one separately and use it for double security of your
    backpack laptop bag.

  • Does your 17 laptop backpack have that additional lock for zippers?


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