How To: A Short Guide On Surviving College

Going to college is an important part of everyone's life. But it might be overwhelming and exhausting at the start. So if you are going to college soon or already are a college student but need some advice, we offer you a short guide on surviving college.

#1. Prepare for the responsibility

When going to college, a person starts living on their own. If you live on your own, it means you are the only one responsible for all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. Prepare for that by asking your parents or surfing the Internet and finding some easy recipes, cleaning lifehacks, etc. It will save you some time, money, and nerves in the future.

#2. Stay organized

When thinking of going to college, you might imagine all of the nice organization items you will use like planners, containers, and just anything else. But a week or two into real life, you give up on most of those things because they need a lot of time - it is not as easy to copy the pretty ideas from Pinterest as you thought. At this point, it is important to remember that you have to find a way of organization that works for you.

First, start with organizing your personal items. Get a cool student backpack with laptop compartment, fill it with some necessities. Then continue to managing your time. Do not overdo it on that, your day should not be planned in minutes - but keep it all under control. Take one step at a time, one piece after another. Remember, slow and steady always wins - sometimes even in organizing.

#3. Try something new

Say YES to all of the cool opportunities you might get even from the first day. Sign up for clubs or sports, go out with your new classmates and make friends. Visiting an informational meeting is a good start to learn about the interesting things that the college has to offer you.

#4. Stay active

Being active might save your life. Or at least your grades and your status. Talk to your professors, take part in different activities, volunteer, etc. Even if you don't practice professional skills, at least you will learn something new and meet new people.

#5. Think about the future

Think long-term when picking your major. It should be something that you are very interested in, something that you are ready to do and enjoy. As someone said, if you love what you do for a living, you will never work another day in your life.

#6. Study

This might seem obvious, but sometimes we should revise it. Along with staying active and trying all of the interesting opportunities, you should keep studying. Organize a study group, find online-courses to get deeper into the topic, and ask professors any questions that you have. Sometimes it is better to ask a question and get the answer than try to figure it out yourself.

When someone goes to college, these years are usually considered the best years of their life. But it is up to you how you will make it through these years, what memories you will have left and what will it mean for you in the future. The general idea is to stay focused on studying while trying anything good that sounds interesting to you.

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