All4Way: The Only Bag I Need For Study.

Backpack shopping can be a daunting task if you’re a student like me. As a college student, I can barely afford the cost of food let alone the cost of a new cute laptop backpack every semester. I have to admit, after starting a college in the city, I felt a little out of place as far as staying on top of  backpack fashion. It seems to be a student in an urban college comes with it an unwritten rule that we need to stay at the top of urban crawler fashion. It didn’t help that every bag I bought that was even remotely fashionable would be ruined at the first hint of rain. Seriously, how hard is it to make a waterproof laptop backpack? I just needed a comfortable, modern, and water-resistant backpack. Luckily for me, I found the All4Way backpack with laptop pocket.

The most important aspect of a bag for me is durability, as I’ve stated before, I go through a backpack every other semester. The All4Way student backpack with laptop compartment is made from durable material that is also water-resistant. Imagine my surprise coming in from the rain and seeing that my backpack wasn’t completely ruined. My shoulders and back weren’t uncomfortable either thanks to the breathable back and should straps that I won’t trip even on the floor. Have you ever heard of a backpack with a quick-charging USB port? The commute to and from school is always filled with anxiety wondering how I’m going to give my phone even a little bit of juice so that I don’t miss any important calls or notifications. I’m really grateful for the backpack with USB-port on top of the multiple RFID protected sleeve in the bag. Being in a city is a nice change of place from where I grew up, but there’s no doubt that crime is a little more rampant here than the small town I grew up in. Anti theft laptop backpack having RFID-blocking compartments and anti-pickpocket zips really gives me the peace of mind of knowing I can commute and walk among hundreds of thousands of people a day in the city without fear of being the victim of theft.

The best thing about the All4Way laptop backpack has to be its sleek modern design. SWISS laptop backpack design makes it the perfect multi-purpose urban crawler bag. I plan on traveling after this semester and I know the All4Way travel laptop backpack water resistant anti-theft bag with USB is going to be my reliable bag of choice when it comes to seeing the world.

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