Unique Experience and Best Education. Guess Where?

The education system in Switzerland is as sophisticated and reliable as Swiss banks. Diplomas from Swiss universities are valued all over the world, for 7 million of the country's population there are more than 1 million students and schoolchildren who prefer a college backpack. Studying in Switzerland is not cheap, which is why the majority of students and schoolchildren from abroad are the children of officials and big businessmen.

Don't be intimidated by strict rules

At the same time, the rules here are very strict, and the requirements for entering the university are high, but it's worth it: more than a dozen Nobel laureates have graduated from Swiss universities.

What services will be needed to enter Swiss universities:

  • consultation with education specialists in Switzerland
  • professional assistance in the selection of universities and specialties
  • simultaneous admission to 3 universities of your choice at no additional cost
  • formation of the necessary package of documents for the selected universities
  • control of the admission process at all stages
  • communication with universities
  • filling in all required questionnaires/forms
  • consultations in the preparation of a resume and other accompanying documents
  • selection of additional language courses, practice test of English in our language center
  • full visa support
  • selection of air tickets through our own air ticket office at student rates
  • assistance in the selection of housing, assistance with a departure, support, and advice even after the start of studies

In pursuit of prestige

Studying in Switzerland means adding weight to your resume, as well as making useful business contacts with colleagues from all over the world.  By the way, the swiss laptop backpack is popular with many students in Switzerland. Perhaps nowhere else will you find such a unique international environment as here. In addition to the fact that the Swiss themselves speak English, German, French and Italian, the educational programs themselves are also multilingual.

 You can study in Switzerland in many languages of the world. To move to study, it is better to take a business travel backpack with you. Typically, admissions offices work in the spring, and the academic year begins in the fall. To move to study, it is better to take a business travel backpack with you.

Meet the three pillars of education in Switzerland

Master's degree. Education in Switzerland gives you the opportunity to get a master's degree at universities and higher business schools. The average duration of training is 1.5 years. It is possible to enroll in a master's program not in "one's own" specialty, but for this, it is necessary to undergo preliminary training in Post Graduate courses.

Postgraduate programs. Education in Switzerland for doctoral studies is designed for at least 3 years of study and involves writing a scientific work in the specialty with its subsequent defense. For admission, you must have an international masters or Swiss diploma on completion of the first stage of university education at a local university.

MBA. These programs are more diverse than in other European countries, the duration of study varies. For admission, you need not only a diploma from a reputable university but also 3-7 years of work experience in a large company. Studying in Switzerland makes it possible to enroll in a similar program without higher education. The prerequisite for admission is the successful passing of an international exam in a major subject and a sufficiently high level of proficiency in English or German.

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