The story about laptop backpack came in hand on airplane flight

This story is about how my husband found the perfect travel laptop backpack water resistant anti-theft bag with usb. My husband is a musician. A couple months ago, he had to fly to New Orleans for an audition. If you’ve ever flown with an instrument, you know the struggle of trying to fit a bulky guitar or saxophone into the cabin storage to protect it from becoming lost or damaged in the checked luggage compartment during flight. What you may not realize is that since the instrument counts as one of the two allowed carry-ons, the other bag you choose to carry onto the plane has to be carefully packed to contain everything you may need during your trip. Plus, it needs to fit under the seat in front of you since your instrument is now taking up your allowed overhead storage space. This is where his series of challenges began.

The first challenge of stuffing everything he would need for his overnight trip as well as items he could quickly access during the flight into the right sized bag was met with the help of an All4Way 17 laptop backpack. We began to roll up his stage clothing to prevent wrinkles and pack small toiletries inside airplane required zip-tight bags. He would also need to keep his phone, a credit card, and business cards within an easy reach. To our amazement, the lightweight padded fabric of the pack seemed to mold and take shape regardless of what we tucked inside. And, to our delight, there was even a little snap-shut pocket on the front strap to accommodate his business cards.

The All4Way backpack with laptop pocket allowed him to pack the iPad he uses for backtracks while performing, and with the light-colored lining, he was able to easily see what was crammed inside the backpack even though it was packed to the gills. There was a lot of walking and waiting and lugging around a saxophone in one hand, so the business travel backpack made is bearable to carry through busy airports in comfort since the back part and the shoulder straps are well padded and easy to adjust.

When his iPhone started to lose a charge after hours of flying and waiting for connecting flights, he didn’t have to hunt for a power outlet, because this is the backpack with usb port built into the pack where he simply plugged in a power pack on the inside and easily charged his phone directly. He also didn’t have to worry about potential credit card or personal information theft because the All4Way backpack has 2 RFID-protected and a special anti theft laptop backpack compartment that is positioned close to the back and covered with a shoulder strap from the top. During his 4-hour layover, he set the pack down but, since the ends of the shoulder straps are well captured, there was no danger of tripping or stepping on them.

As a bonus, his contents stayed dry during an unexpected downpour since the All4Way backpack is not only waterproof laptop backpack, but it came with the rain cover tucked away inside that he was quickly able to pull out just in time. Oh, and by the way – He nailed the audition!

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