He Was Stuck In An Unfamiliar City, Being Late To An Important Meeting.

Would you like to get stuck in an unfamiliar city? Considering that it will ruin your nearest plans, that would be kind of a situation you would prefer to prevent. One man got into this trouble just because he didn't book a flight ahead of time. By the time he had to move on to his next destination, there were no tickets left. It can happen to anyone no matter what you do – a business trip, backpacking, or a nice vacation. How to prevent such a problem? Create a travel itinerary for your trip! It will require some specific skills and practice, but we think that anyone can do it. We will help you by providing a step-by-step guide that will make sure you don't miss out on any crucial details.

1.     Start with determining the style of your trip, its length, and budget

To start planning your trip, make a short outline of what it should be. Consider these questions:

  • What do you want the style of your travel to be? Do you want to have a nice vacation with your family or do you prefer traveling alone?
  • How long are you planning to travel for? Is it a short weekend trip or a week-long vacation? Maybe you want to go on a super-long tour for a month?
  • What is your estimated budget? Make sure to have some extra money for unpredicted expenses or in case of emergency.

2.     Plan out your trip and final destination (if any)

Decide on whether it will be a round trip or you want to visit one place. If it is a round trip, decide what cities or countries you want to go to and think in what order it is better to travel through them.

3.     Book flights

Do not hesitate to book all of the flights ahead of time. It will save you a lot of time and prevent getting stuck unexpectedly in someplace just because you forgot to book your next flight and there are no tickets available at the moment. Booking flights will make the timing of your trip clearer – you will have dates and times when you go from one point to another.

4.     Book accommodation

The length of your trip and the estimated budget will determine if it's better to book a hotel in every city you want to visit or you don't need it at all. If you think you might need a place to stay in a particular city, we would suggest booking it in advance because you would not want the risk of booked up places.

5.     Research things to do and places to see

Now that everything is prepared, including transportation and accommodation, it's time to get deeper into the details. What do you want to do in the city you are going to? Research some places to go like museums, galleries, restaurants, parks, etc.

Tip: Look for something exciting – for example, something why the place is famous!

6.     Last but not least – think about packing!

Based on the length of your trip, plan on how many things you will need. Maybe you will need only a backpack or do you have to bring the entire suitcase? Or do you prefer a sling bag? Also, think about the things you will bring for sure. For example, if you have to do some work on your computer, you might look for a laptop backpack.

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