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Let me just say, starting off, that this is a great backpack laptop bag for women to carry around. I’m not speaking with hyperbole either, I just think that All4Way brand gear is some of the best that I’ve ever used.

Right off the bat, what I’ve been really interested in with this brand is that it’s not only well put together, but it’s travel laptop backpack water resistant anti-theft bag with usb, so I can have all my things safe, dry in any weather and can also to charge my phone any time I want.

Right now I’m an entrepreneur who is taking a few months off from my usual business because I just needed a vacation, and I’m currently backpacking my way through Europe while I visit England, France, Spain, and finally Germany, so I, actually, need anti theft laptop backpack.

With me I intended to take only my phone, Identification, Laptop, and a few change of clothing. So already you can see that I need something that’s strong and can withstand the rigors of travel. The best feature that I love the most from their backpack is that the shoulder straps are extremely comfy. Not only are they well-made and well defined on the shoulder area, but they also seem to not “stick out” so much and get in the way when I put the backpack on the floor or anything.

Best of all, the shoulder strap length adjustment is extremely easy to use as well, and are extremely tight when set into place. All I have to do is pull the belt down, buckle up, and release the belt for adjustment – perfect for when I’m either preparing to travel and need both straps slung around my shoulders, or I’m being casual and just want one strap loosened so I can sling it over one shoulder.

Not only that but the padding is extremely well made and doesn’t dig into my shoulders. With normal backpacks, the weight presses down on my clavicle and sometimes, if I’m carrying TOO much stuff, digs into my neck and suffocates me. Not so with All4Way’s Swiss laptop backpack. The straps rest along my shoulders, but are soft enough that the fabric doesn’t dig into my neck and tire me out. I’ve worn it while taking a tour of London, and I didn’t have any soreness.

Truly, I recommend their rfid bag. I just might get a second one for personal use when I’m back home.


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