ALL4WAY - All For Way

Are you a businessman, traveler, College or University student, mother with a child or cyclist?

And are you looking for a fashionable, reliable, convenient and easy to carry backpack? If you answered a “Yes” then you need to try out All4Way!

Swiss Quality

All4Way is a Swiss laptop backpack company that wants to make your life more exciting by providing you with a large laptop backpack or a small iPad  backpack that can be used for almost anything. It certainly is a conversation starter. Since the backpack is made by a Swiss company, you will experience the finest Swiss quality. The company is young and you can feel it from the spontaneity of the backpack.

 It is the latest backpack which has just recently been launched in Europe and America. Just like the name itself, the All4Way rfid safe backpack truly is for all. It is the cute laptop backpack or shoulder sling bag, which you can use on a daily basis. Every All4Way bag is extremely durable and will make anyone wearing it look sleek.

We live in a world where everyone is on the go and that is exactly what the backpack stands for. It allows business persons, students, travelers and just about everyone else to carry all their essential items with them safely at all times. The backpack is reliable and easy to carry. It is the perfect gift which one could possibly get.


The All4Way anti theft laptop backpack is multipurpose. If you are student who has to carry a lot of books and notebooks, and are looking for a convenient backpack that will make it easier for you to carry it, then All4Way is the backpack for you. It is exactly student backpack with laptop compartment, it has water resistant fabric and is easy to clean. The back part and shoulder straps are well-padded.

Businesspersons that want a backpack which will look perfect for taking to work, for a meeting or business travel should consider All4Way the backpack is meant for providing maximum utility. The lining of the black laptop backpack is light-colored which allows you to see what’s inside and will help a businessperson find the right documents whenever in a meeting or on the go. The backpack has 2 RFID-protected compartments. There is also a special anti-theft laptop compartment arranged closely to your back and covered with the shoulder straps from the top. So your personal space invasion can be easily detected.

Voyager who love traveling to new places and want a backpack which is easy to carry along with them on their adventures should give All4Way a try as it truly is meant for accompanying you. Be inspired with the travel laptop backpack water resistant anti-theft bag with usb. The ends of the shoulder straps of the backpack are well captured, that’s why there is no danger to step on them while the pack is on the floor or to cling it onto something. It is the ultimate travelling companion that you need!

Easy to Use

  • Comfortable shoulder-straps length adjustment. Pull the belt down and the straps will tighten or pull the buckle up and the belt will be released.
  • There is a separate section for power bank in the bottom inside for space economy and additional comfort.
  • There is also an external USB-port for supporting fast charge.

The small model of the All4way anti-theft sling bag has the same advantages as the larger models for laptops: personal security, SWISS quality and safety is the same.

Mini waterproof sling bag with air flow system and padded adjustable shoulder strap up to 95 cm long is very convenient. The small weight of the crossbody backpack allows you to use it as a travel unisex purse.

Anti-theft shoulder sling bag has RFID blocking pocket to protect your IDs and credit cards, reflective zipper and durable water-resistant anti-scratch nylon easy to use and clean.

All models – large and small ones are well-organized: many compartments for laptop/tablet, e-book, phone, water bottle or umbrella, sunglasses strap, external USB fast charging port – all this thoughtful design makes it possible to put each item in its place and saves your time to search for what you need at the moment.

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