Chicken Eggs Save the Laptop in the Craddle of Tolerance

Student years are the most fun, interesting and unforgettable time in our life because it is during this period that we absorb useful knowledge, make new acquaintances. But at the same time, you need to work hard to get a decent education.

During the training, each student uses tricks that help facilitate the learning process and successfully pass the exams. We bring to your attention life hacks that will be useful not only for students but also for those who have already passed into adulthood. Caution: a sense of humor required!

The student is always in danger

The most powerful stream of expelled people is discharged into the sewer after the first semester.

By skipping lectures, you can get into the "blacklist" of the teacher, which is fraught with particularly close attention during the exam. Some teachers even demand to show the abstracts of the prepared lectures. By the way, a student can always put everything in a college backpack. And truant seminars, colloquia, practical, laboratory and control ones will have to be worked out in 99% of cases. Better to take a student backpack with a laptop compartment and go to class.

Protecting your cup

To prevent strangers from using your cup, it is worth attaching its handle with a lock to the dish rack. Here is your problem solved!

An excellent replacement for the iron

If someone has wrinkled your clothes and you have nothing to iron, take a pot of hot water and use it instead of an iron. Your clothes will be like new!

A new way to boil

To boil water, you need to take two razor blades and a cable with a plug from the outlet. Tie one wire to the blade and repeat the same operation with the other. The blades are then stuck into the matches. The homemade boiler is ready! But please, do not skip the lectures of Fire safety before testing.

Student Drying Socks

Have you washed your socks and need to dry them quickly? Take a hairdryer, put a sock on it, and in 2-3 minutes, you will be back in the ranks.

New TV

Do you feel like watching a movie on the big screen but don't have a TV? Take a shoebox, glass magnifier, and your smartphone. Make markings on the end of the box, cut a hole, and glue the glass there. After some manipulation, you will be able to view the enlarged image. Hello, 40s!

Do you want to wash the dishes? There is a way!

If  you don't like washing dishes, take the plastic wrap, stretch it over a plate and start your meal. And upon its completion, you just need to remove the protective membrane.

Chicken eggs save the laptop

To prevent overheating, place your laptop on the egg tray. This will allow the air to circulate well.

Trash chair

Do you have trash bags but no trash can? The problem can be solved by using a regular chair, on which the bag should be pulled. From top or bottom – it’s your own decision!

The student dormitory is the cradle of tolerance

The hostel is a charge of tolerance (in rare unfortunate cases - an injection of misanthropy and xenophobia) for the rest of your life. Where else can you get in close contact with so many completely different people - from devout Muslims to hockey fans, black metalists, and skinheads with crossbody backpack?

Serious advice

If you think that the goal of the University is to stuff you with knowledge, then you are deeply mistaken. The goal of the University is to teach you to independently obtain information, to give self-education skills, and, preferably, to form your scientific thinking. The textbook provides basis, lectures structure the material and help to sort it out inside your head. Maintain your knowledge having all4way one strap backpack or notebook backpack on your shoulders!  

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