A Woman Goes on Vacation and Returns Homeless

A very unfortunate woman went on vacation and returned homeless. How is it even possible? Her house was robbed, and she lost the documents she took with her. That means she was not able to do anything for a while before getting the copies of all of her documents.

Do you know what happens when you lose your documents? Hopefully, you remember your SSN - at this point, it's best to see a local attorney and they will give you some guidelines. Anyway, it would be a tough journey to get copies of all of the lost or stolen documents. So we are here to give you some advice on keeping your documents and valuable items, along with some interesting anti-theft lifehacks for traveling.

Keep the most important papers secure

Never carry around with you your social security card, birth/marriage/divorce/death certificates, or documents like papers for your real estate. The first ones are hard to get a copy of if everything else is lost. At the same time, lost or stolen documents as proof of something belonging to you will you give even more headache when replaced.

Hide the most valuable items at home

If you keep everything valuable at home, there is still a chance to become a victim of a burglary. To prevent these items from being found, consider these tips:

- make sure they are out of sight

- try not to put them in obvious places like jewelry boxes, drawers, etc.

- be creative and think about some places in your house where you can arrange such a hiding spot

Consider anti-theft accessories

There are many anti-theft backpacks and bags offered by different companies. We have some interesting ones to offer you as well, so you should go and take a look at those. Their main features are:

- extra locks

- anti-scratch and puncture-resistant material

- hidden pocket on the backside

- anti-theft compartments close to the back

There are also many different anti-theft accessories like bra stashes, money belts, etc. It is up to you what to choose but remember: it has to be safe and comfortable or unsuspicious at the same time.

Do not put all valuable items in one place

This is especially important while traveling. If you have a large amount of cash on you, it's better to break it down into smaller amounts and put them in different pockets/compartments. Do not put all of your money in a wallet - wallets and purses are the primary goals of pickpockets.

Anti-theft lifehacks

It is useful to recreate some anti-theft lifehacks from the Internet. For example, make a fake wallet. Like when you are leaving your room on a trip, leave a fake wallet with just a $20 bill inside and hide a fake credit card under the pillow. If you become a victim of a robbery, the thieves might just grab those and go, leaving all of the other things undisturbed. It will save you more valuable items.

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